Burden Calculation

The central task of the burden calculator is to assign an optimal bill of material to a process order / production order by considering the quality constraints of the finished product. Here, a set of important constraints must be considered. One finished product can be produced by many different bills of material (different recipes) and the planner needs the capability to compare these variants; this calculation can be based on a linear optimization algorithm.

The burden calculation is a set of production orders the planner could consider as different constraints. The adherence includes the allowable quality parameter range, which is the most important one, the consideration of thresholds, the limitation of BOM items count, and the limitation of raw material quantities. Manufacturing Workbench provides the possibility to compare different solutions in both tabular and graphical displays. The planner will receive a lot of information related to the calculated solutions and can then make an objective choice.

[Compare different solutions in both, tabular and graphical displays]