Online CTP

The ORSOFT Solution for CTP (capable to promise) performs availability checks with respect to quantity and delivery date while considering present stocks, already planned production and capacities of production and suppliers.   

ORSOFT CTP supports the sales department by providing more reliable proposals and potential for economic optimizations. There is a certain potential for price optimization in terms of production planning (production sequence, machinery) and associated processes – like cut or mixture optimization – as well.

[Online CTP] Workflow Online CTP

ORSOFT CTP is functionally based on ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, that supports sales through reliable and quick information of possible delivery capability and delivery dates in real-time. As a result delivery reliability is increased and customer satisfaction is improved. Additionally, the sales department has a clear representation of their work’s impact on finance and production. This increased transparency will lead to better coordination of business processes, thereby reinforcing the efficiency of the company.

CTP not only contributes to find possible solutions to meet customer requirements, but the optimal solution will be determined with respect to the objects defined within the software. These objectives include timeliness of deliveries and the reduction of production costs.