Tactical Planning

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Changed conditions of production logistics and new objectives in the SCM, such as volatile raw material and transportation costs or exchange rates, require a more accurate and faster planning. New flexible production technologies (e.g. 3F-factories with a modular layout) and their increasing complexity, vulnerability and dynamic supply chain processes, are the reasons for the strong desire for faster planning results and simulation capabilities.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench endorses simultaneous planning of material and capacity based on a very detailed data model. This solution generates feasible strategical and tactical plans in terms of operative scheduling, with consideration of e.g. recipe validity and set-up times. Among material and capacity availability, hierarchy, revenue and budget are taken into account. Due to instant visibility of the modifications impact on budget and margin, planning personal is able to create particularly profitable planning according to the companies’ strategic objectives.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench uses the operative data model also for tactical planning functions. Especially long-running supply chains remain in their structure and are not falsified by a transformation into a fixed time series (weekly, monthly, quarterly). An increased quantity requirement in May can lead to quite a bottleneck within the supply chain in February. The ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench clarifies this coherence and the conflict can be solved in the right place.

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