30th anniversary of ORSOFT


The history of ORSOFT began in the mid-1980s at the Institute of Systems Process Engineering at the Technical University of Leuna-Merseburg. In September 1990 our company - at that time still OR Soft Jänicke GmbH - was founded by Dr. Jänicke and started with four employees.

At H&R ChemPharm GmbH, still a loyal ORSOFT customer today, we carried out one of our first projects. At that time, the company established a tradition of holding a celebration for orders with a volume of more than 100,000 DM, i.e. 51,200 €. Fortunately, it was necessary to correct this figure to a higher level quite soon.

Over the course of that 30 years we remained flexible and adapted to the market conditions. The initial operating system OS/2 and the database DB/2 from IBM in the early 1990s changed into MS Windows, which quickly became the industry standard.

In the mid-1990s, SAP R/3 established itself as the market leader among ERP systems and replaced ORACLE as the database underlying our software, which was then called SCHEDULE++.

By the year 2000 we took a big step towards very flexible adaptation of our software through configuration. This orientation still helps us today to win numerous customers with high demands.

Since the redevelopment of our software in 2006 we are able to support advanced multi-core processors, have implemented a real multi-user capability and much more. This commitment has enabled us to further develop our functional scope and respond to modern requirements.

We relocated our headquarters to Leipzig in 2013 and gradually transferred our operational business into ORSOFT GmbH.

And of 2018, we joined Germanedge to meet the ambitious challenges of Industry 4.0. In Edge.One we have a platform that combines Management Execution Systems (MES), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) and Advanced Quality Management (AQM) to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and is cloud-enabled.

Since February 2020, we have additional company offices available in Halle (Saale), and after 30 years, employ over 100 people.

We would like to thank all colleagues and our valued customers for 30 successful years of ORSOFT!

Hartmut Friedrich, Managing Director ORSOFT GmbH
Dr. Wilmar Mögling, Managing Director ORSOFT GmbH


30th anniversary of ORSOFT