ASK Chemicals GmbH – Go live in Spain


Only nine months after the largest plant of ASK Chemicals GmbH in Wülfrath went live with ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, the second plant in Bilbao (Spain) started to use the ORSOFT Solution for advanced planning and scheduling.

"Working with ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench had a great positive impact in Wülfrath. Users stated a significant time reduction at better planning results even after using the software for just a few weeks. We, the production planners also wanted the colleagues in Spain to benefit from this additional value." says Michael Andrae, Head of supply chain management in Europe at ASK Chemicals. The roll-out in Spain took only three month. Fabian Gasczak, project manager of ASK Chemicals explains: "Based on the project experiences of the roll-out in Germany, it was possible to conduct required adjustments in a rather short time. Additionally, it was very helpful to work with ORSOFT Consultants, who are native Spanish speakers!" The ORSOFT Solution in Spain is based on the standardized solution defined for the German plant, localized functions like e.g. scheduling of road transportation enhance the software.

SAP ERP add-on ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench uses SAP master data and transaction data and allows planning personnel to perform production planning and control processes easily and efficiently. Since the planning results are available in SAP, all processes defined throughout the company have full access to the current planning, which bears increased transparency as an additional important benefit.