Available and coming solutions

ORSOFT MDW workflow objects

The current scope of the product ORSOFT Master Data Workflow comprehends the creation and change of the object types material, customer, vendor and bill of material. Based on ORSOFT multi-posting functionality a simultaneous field-wise change of multiple objects in one transaction is supported as well. The synchronization of the maintained data with SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA or other data sources can be automatically activated by user-controlled or by rule-based.

The current road map of ORSOFT MDW product development includes the maintenance of further objects like resources, work centers, capacities, routings and planning recipes. Of course, the used technology can be adapted to other master data objects as well. If you are missing your required objects in the current list of available objects, don’t hesitate to contact us.

ORSOFT process consulting

The optimization of master data management requires a comprehensive consideration of all enterprise aspects including organization, governance and IT. An all-embracing analysis of effected business processes and organizational questions should be carried out before a software-based maintenance of master data is implemented.

ORSOFT offers a unique consulting approach. Due to the easy way of customizing and adaption of the solution to customer specific requirements, we can offer our clients a special iterative implementation process. The analysis of processes and requirements will be done iteratively and simultaneously with the implementation of pilot installations. Such a controlled cycle of analysis, discussion, and practical validation of the future solution allows the building of an optimal customer-oriented solution. Efficiently bringing together theory and practice, ORSOFT MDW consultants and prospective users can come to a mutual understanding of the future application much faster. Improvements already become effective step by step during the implementation process, training efforts can be minimized, and the acceptance of the final solution by the users can be increased.

Data import

Besides the manual and semiautomatic maintenance of data, the product ORSOFT Master Data Workflow also supports the import of master data from external systems in batch mode via database, XML, and CSV interfaces. All existing check-routines and consistency checks can also be applied to these import processes. Transformation of the data content is supported during data importation from external sources as well as after it is filled into the model.