Backorder Processing

In addition to planning orders for future demands, handling backorders arising due to production losses plays a considerable role in the planning process. This is especially true when consumption control for Kanban processes may not be endangered through processing back orders. Therefore, the backorder must be planned again in compliance with the applicable restrictions for smoothing and leveling.

In order to make this work easier, a list of all backorders exists. This is depicted through shading in the bar chart. The user has the following options available:

  • Enter a new product deadline in the list of backorders.
  • Mark the order so that it will be considered in the next leveling run.
  • Use "Drag & Drop" to move the order to the new desired position in the bar chart and, if applicable, re-smooth on that day or manually reschedule the order chain.
  • Extend the leveling period in the short term, so that the daily assignment can once again be followed according to the effective rules, even in the fine planning area.