The roll-out of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench or ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench leads to a more reliable and accurate planning of logistics processes along the supply chain. This enables the reduction of nonproductive time and material buffers that bind capital unnecessarily. At the same time the existing capacity can be better exploited and adaption requirements (e.g. weekend work or extra shifts) can be detected early. As a result, directly financially effective savings can be achieved.

Transparent and clear: ORSOFT Solutions
Transparent and clear: ORSOFT Solutions

Many customers appreciate the increased transparency in the logistic processes. This transparency enables faster and more accurate delivery promises within the company (e.g. between sales and production) as well as to customers and suppliers. All departments work with one database and significantly reduce coordination requirements.

Through the project implementation many companies get aware of their matured logistic processes and find a way to standardize them. This increases the stability of the processes and avoids uncertainties during the process performance.

The following benefits can be achieved:

  • permanent reduction of throughput times
  • increased efficiency of production resources
  • reduced effort for production planning
  • continues inventory optimization (in times of rising raw material prices not only inventory reduction, but also targeted stock development)
  • reduced expiration quantity by decreasing shelf life
  • reduction in the quality audit expenses
  • management of supply chains with increased complexity
  • better integration of suppliers
  • faster response to changing customer needs.