Process optimisation

The master data maintenance processes are standardised and improved. The processes can be optimised structurally from the process analysis.


The status of processing becomes transparent, bottlenecks are obvious, thus improving deadline compliance and efficiency.


The master data quality improves as data errors are minimised and data is checked for consistency.


The processing time drops significantly. The time required to record, maintain, check and release the master data is reduced considerably. Response times to enquiries are short.


The intuitive user interface geared towards practical requirements and user friendliness is well received by users. Training time is just one day.

Roll out capability

The multilingual software can be rolled out independently by IT employees of the customer at new locations and business units. The lean system architecture means the IT effort required in introducing and caring for the software is low.


The time to market is shortened and the bad buy is avoided thanks to readily available master data.


User specific authorisations and security concepts are of a high level and conform to SAP.

Quickly usable

The software already has a good functional range, the (initial) recording of processes is not necessary.

Release security

Within the scope of maintenance the new SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA releases are regularly supported.


ORSOFT changes neither original implementation SAP processes nor the SAP architecture.