The introduction of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench leads to more reliable and exact planning of the logistical processes along the supply chain. This enables the reduction of unproductive time and material buffers that unnecessarily bind capital. At the same time, the existing capacities are utilised better and necessary adjustments (e.g. weekend work or additional shifts) can be recognized at an early stage. This allows for direct and financially effective savings.

Many clients appreciate the substantially higher level of transparency in logistical processes. This transparency allows faster and more precise date and delivery confirmation within the company (e.g. between distribution and production) and to the client and suppliers. All departments work with one database, which substantially reduces the need for manual adjustment.

The execution of an implementation project for an APS system – such as ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench – often makes companies aware of the increased challenges for their logistical processes due to higher precision, and they find ways to standardize them. This increases the stability of the processes and thus avoids uncertainty in process execution.

The following advantages can be achieved:

  • permanent reduction of lead times
  • increased usage of production resources
  • reduced effort for production planning
  • continued lowering of stocks
  • better handling of supply chains with increased complexity
  • closer integration of suppliers and forwarding companies
  • faster reaction to modified client requirements
  • better reaction to volatile raw material prices and availability

Sasol Wax GmbH, Dr. Schömenauer:

"At Sasol Wax we have been using the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench for strategic planning purposes ... As a company that processes crude oil derivates we are strongly affected by the volatility of oil prices.
Our products are highly dependent on the peak seasons of our customer markets. Therefore we must produce a substantial amount of our inventory in certain periods, leaving us with no other option but to work with a high stock level of semi-finished goods.
The first objective in the planning department is to optimize the production margin. To do so a make-or-buy plan has to be prepared to decide on the most profitable scenario; is it more profitable to buy already semi-finished goods or to buy raw materials and process them?
The second important task is to plan and control the inventory level for the whole logistics chain. Due to a relative high inventory level and a very volatile price/cost environment we highly appreciate the product cost forecast functionality included in the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench. This unique functionality also allows our sales personnel to place future orders considering the development of product costs. Their colleagues in the purchasing department can act immediately and adjust their buys according to the actual sales forecast. Hereby we can generate a very important competitive advantage in the market.
One of the reasons we selected the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench at Sasol Wax is because of its easy to use "Windows-like" handling. Secondly, unlike other primitive APS, the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench offers new modern functionalities to the Oil industry such as Tank Management and Blend Optimization. Particularly the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench’s margin optimization tool has proved valuable to gain a competitive advantage for our company. Overall we’re truly convinced that this tool is a state-of-the-art software for our industry."