Business Processes

Logistical processes in the oil industries are specific in many points; therefore, it is very important to our clients that they work with ORSOFT consultants who have a lot of experience in the oil industries and speak their language. Place your trust in ORSOFT´s experience. Our software is used successfully and productively to plan all production and logistics steps in downstream oil processing.

Downstream Oil Processing Supply Chain
Downstream Oil Processing Supply Chain

The figure illustrates the complete downstream oil processing supply chain using a hypothetical example of lubricant production in Europe - starting from crude oil delivery at sea ports and ending with containers filled or tank trailers loaded with lubricant products.

Quite often this supply chain will span over multiple different companies or independent entities of global enterprises:

  • pipeline operator that handles transportation of crude oil batches to one or many refineries based on their specific scheduled feedstock demand
  • fuel production refinery that processes crude oil with the primary purpose of fuel production and secondarily of producing of oil fractions that are the raw materials for lubricant and wax production
  • lube oil refinery with subsequent lubricants production and container filling / bulk loading

ORSOFT solutions will address the specific requirements of these different entities with regard to planning and scheduling of production and logistics.

The detailed pages under the main topics Fuel Producers and Lubricant / Wax Producers will give you an in-depth introduction into the challenges of and solutions for the individual parts of the supply chain based on typical production scenarios for which ORSOFT has provided solutions.