Change of ownership at ORSOFT – intensive cooperation with Germanedge


At ORSOFT (OR Soft Jänicke GmbH and ORSOFT GmbH) a change of ownership took place at the end of 2018. The new owner is Alpina Partners ("ALPINA"), a pan-European technology investor with a team in Munich. Dr. Winfried Jänicke remains connected to the company and changes from the management to the advisory board. The sale will lay two essential foundations for the continuation of the growth course:

  • ORSOFT is expanding its range of services, as we are now working intensively with other portfolio companies of ALPINA, which are grouped together under the brand name "Germanedge". So far, "Germanedge" consists of the companies Gefasoft (MES solutions), New Solutions (shift book, shop floor management), QDA Solutions (quality management) and Objective International (MES and MOM solutions). This is the achievement of my strategic goal, which ORSOFT wanted to gradually approach since its founding in 1990. ORSOFT now offers software support that ranges from budget planning, demand planning, capacity planning, detailed scheduling to production data acquisition as an integrated solution.
  • ORSOFT is breaking away from its founder who is now over 70 years old. Dr. Winfried Jänicke: “It is a great pleasure for me to put the company in the hands of my colleagues Mr. Friedrich, Dr. Mögling and Dr. Schmalzried, who are employed as managing directors of ORSOFT GmbH. Each of these three colleagues has worked in the company for at least 18 years. All of them have been in the executive board for more than ten years and work as managing directors for more than a year. There are no transitional difficulties with this team. Further, Mr. Christian von Stengel and Hanns Georg Renz were appointed as new managing directors for OR Soft Jänicke GmbH, who also act as managing directors of Germanedge. I got to know and appreciate both gentlemen in the context of the sales process and the first joint cooperation activities.”

ORSOFT is now available to its customers with an even greater range of services.

ALPINA press resease from January 8th, 2019: