Cross-Location Planning

Cross-location planning of beds in larger hospitals or clinic groups is becoming more and more important because it allows to

  • align the occupancy rates of the individual facilities,
  • avoid loss of patients due to excessively long waiting times,
  • increase the reliability of appointments on the waiting lists,
  • increase patient satisfaction through reliable statements and professional acting to patients
  • reduce the working hours in the participating clinics,
  • improve the transparency of planning.

In such cases, "a software for hotels" is no longer sufficient, all the more so as integration with the software products SAP for Healthcare and Cerner is desired.

With ORSOFT for Healthcare, bed occupancy can be planned validly across locations and stored in the model of the leading hospital systems with the necessary key data (patient admission, planning discharge, etc.). Capacity conflicts are avoided and the system suggests alternative proposals in case of bottlenecks.