Danone Group – Worldwide workflow-based Master Data Maintenance


ORSOFTs Master Data Workflow solution has now been deployed in business units around the globe within Danone Group, a multinational company that is world leader in fresh dairy products and bottled water. Being used in business units in all continents except Australia, the ORSOFT solution ensures to successfully maintain accurate and consistent SAP ERP master data e.g. for dairy products, water, and baby food. Four years after starting the project, over 4.000 users in 25 business units in 15 different countries such as Brazil, China, Ivory Coast, Russia and the United States maintain local and central master data in a standardized and guided way, but with respect to local and individual needs resulting from different languages and country-specific workflows.

At the beginning of 2010, Danone started the implementation of ORSOFT Master Data Workflow. The decision was made in favor of OR Soft since their application best matched the required functionalities such as integration in SAP ERP, mass update compatibility, improving the process based on key performance indicators, and an autonomous user management. Meanwhile, the software has proven to be highly secure, to gain operational efficiency, to support enterprise transparency, and to achieve competitive differentiation.

In order to improve Danone’s master data maintenance processes continuously, the software’s KPI analyses helped identifying process obstacles. On users initiative, the intuitive software supports by now not only master data related processes but also further workflows necessary to launch new products.

The expected benefits such as time savings, faster respond times to business needs and new products have been met for Danone. The solution contributes to the success with the chosen global master data initiative.

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