DE-VAU-GE – Optimization of planning processes


DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH optimizes planning processes at production sites in Lüneburg and Tangermünde

At the beginning of the year DE-VAU-GE’s planning personnel still was using SAP download routines and a multi-stage planning approach based on MS Excel. "Working with a team of five planners and this tool set, we have been reaching our efficiency limit.", says Nadine Reincke, Head of Dispositions, characterizing the situation. In order to achieve further economic growth, an optimized software-based support got mandatory.

Since advancement had been given a thought, right from the start it was clear, that restructuring of SAP processes would not be sufficient to obtain the necessary improvement. After an intense market research, DE-VAU-GE decided in favor of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench as a specialized advanced planning and scheduling system. Hartmut Schröder, Head of the IT department, states: "ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is a functional enhancement of the SAP ERP system and its implementation prevented a system breach. The tool brought an extensive optimization of the processes within the planning team and during the associated adjustments of SAP ERP procedures it even contributed to a company wide optimization of planning processes, including the sales and the procurement departments."

By extending the period for detailed scheduling up to 13 weeks the separation of strategic and operational planning was no longer necessary. "Within just a few weeks, the new processes were established and potential benefits were accessible. Because of the accelerated planning we are much more flexible now and able to respond much faster to customer demands." Nadine Reincke says.

From the project start on it just took 8 month for the tool being extensively used in daily business.