Deployment Concept

Planning software can only be launched in clinics if the effort for data acquisition and infrastructure is minimal and the employees are motivated. ORSOFT products can be imported into the existing SAP world by means of a transport request and use its infrastructure. It is possible to semi-automatically generate clinical pathways from past cases.

ORSOFT offers a step-by-step plan in which the staff of a clinic can use the software free of charge for several weeks in daily operation, so that they can make an informed decision on the further introduction of ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) without risk.

The implementation concept provides for the following stages:

Stage 1:

Free readout and pseudonymization of the data to be presented in the software for management purposes. Effort: 1 day for the hospital's SAP administrator.

Stage 2:

Cost-free simulation of a task that is particularly important to the hospital under consideration e.g. planning with the five most important treatment patterns.

Stage 3:

Creation of functional specifications and rapid prototyping.

Stage 4:

Paid services, such as implementation and modification of the standard functional scope. The advantage of this approach is that all parties involved can see and try out what service is being offered.



ORSOFT for Healthcare can be introduced step by step: A module-by-module or department-by-department rollout takes place during ongoing operations, while normal operations in the hospital information system (HIS) can continue as usual. ORSOFT for Healthcare represents an extension for the HIS, which can be used to equip specific function carriers one after the other: bed allocation planners, patient managers, admission coordinators, surgery planners, etc.


  • is a true add-on to SAP® for Healthcare / Cerner® (the interface to the SAP system is SAP and SAP Netweaver® certified);
  • uses only HIS data and does not require its own database;
  • works in the RAM of a PC or server and thus enables simulations;
  • is flexibly configurable and offers an infinite number of views of HIS data;
  • makes you’re HIS data more usable; almost everything in the HIS remains the same.

Data dump

Why read data?

Before a potential customer with an already productive SAP® for Healthcare / Cerner® decides to implement ORSOFT for Healthcare, ORSOFT offers the opportunity to extract selected (pseudonymized) data from the customer's hospital information system and to visualize, interpret and - as far as possible - demonstrate the standard functionalities of ORS-H during a live demonstration.


As an add-on to SAP® for Healthcare / Cerner®, ORSOFT for Healthcare uses BAPIs and function modules provided by SAP and supplements these with interface modules. These are delivered as a transport request and access SAP data in a read-only manner during the process described here. A technical description of the plug-in is provided with the transport request.