Edge.One | Cross-software platform

Edge.One has become a buzzword for next generation technology within the Germanedge Group. The goal of platform development is to provide a modern framework in which the group's products can run, be delivered together, both on-premise and as cloud applications, and more importantly, communicate and interact together.

There is a evident need for specialist systems for manufacturing, for quality management, or for planning. That is the state of the art. But as digitalization of the working environment continues, there is also a need to overcome potential system discontinuities.

There are important motivations for this. In order to make decisions better and faster, a work planner or scheduler needs information about production or the quality situation. A shift manager on the night shift needs statements about available stock, customer orders, planned information to reschedule production due to unforeseen events, etc. It would be a constraint to the highest degree if these systems not only differ in their technical orientation, but are also characterized by different operating concepts and designs, e.g., generate different printouts, etc.

Challenging these restrictions is a central vision behind the Edge.One platform. Another added value of this platform is also that the individual apps on the platform also communicate with ERP systems. In particular, the certified connector for SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA is a major advantage.