Energy Requirement Planning

To date, energy-saving production is mainly seen as a task for the areas of process control and process engineering. With ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, savings in energy consumption, and in energy costs even when consumption remains constant, can immediately be achieved through anchoring energy goals in production planning without needing to make investments in production facilities.

Absolute energy savings in the process of building a production plan are possible by:

  • Optimizing sequences
  • Minimizing unproductive slack times, which are inopportune for energy use
  • Avoiding shutdown and booting of semi-continuous machines through comprehensive planning

Planning MeasuresTechnical Control MeasuresEngineering Measures

Even with identical energy consumption, energy costs can be decreased by taking advantage of degrees of freedom in the machines: penalty costs are avoided through compliance with guaranteed so-called energy bands. When the guaranteed maximum usage is consistently virtually met wherever possible, the financial benefit will indeed also be utilized. It is possible to schedule the consumption intensive production primarily in the night hours with cheaper energy costs.

With production planning through ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, energy planning automatically follows. All of the model and planning data are centrally stored and maintained in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. This method is successful in additional practical examples, e.g. this can also be applied to the melting of metals and other energy intensive production processes. A considerable reduction in energy consumption as well as energy costs can be achieved. Moreover, the insights resulting from the planning can be used to improve future machine dimensions.