Enhanced Missing Parts List – Infrastructure

The solution is based on an APS system that is certified as an add-on from the company SAP for the product SAP ERP. Therefore, exclusively SAP data, the SAP authorization concept and the SAP infrastructure are used. There are two infrastructure variants: as a Rich Client on the user PC and as an Expanded SAP Transaction on the front end of a server.

Rich Client

In this variant, SAP ERP is used as the server, and the "Rich Client" functionality is superimposed on the user PC as an expansion of the SAP GUI. The solution is then immediately useable after bringing in a transport order in SAP ERP and uploading the solution. It can be implemented in a rolling fashion or as an expansion.

Enhanced SAP Transaction

If there are many users present who only occasionally use the tool, an additional enhanced SAP transaction is furnished. This communicates with an additional server, which is in turn serviced from SAP ERP. The implementation effort is also low here. In contrast to the Rich Client variant, however, an extra server must be maintained. The service follows analogous to the Rich Client solution.