Software in use

The solution has been available since 2010, is used internationally as standard practice by Danone Group and is used by around 4000 users (as of 2014) to improve their daily work.

Matthias Ollion | DANONE France

After an assessment of various suppliers of master data software at the beginning of 2010, Danone started a project to implement ORSOFT Master Data Workflow.

Danone is a global company and the market leader in fresh dairy products and bottled water. The decision opted for ORSOFT's way as the company's solution matched the characteristics required such as SAP integration, the ability to change master data en masse, the correct key performance indicators and independent user administration. Business units in France and the USA successfully maintain correct and consistent master data for dairy products, water and baby food with ORSOFT. With more than 100 registered users each, the business units each produced up to 250 workflows per month.

  • "It is very easy and intuitive to use and it saves us a significant amount of time maintaining master data."
  • "Testing it means wanting to use it."
  • "It saves a man year."
  • "To continue to keep improving our processes the software's KPI analyses help to identify weak points in the process, whilst the Customizing Workframe offers simplicity and clarity for process adjustments. I am sure I will be able to continue to write this success story in future and to succeed in the long term with the master data strategy we have chosen."