Experience and Stability

ORSOFT was founded in 1990 as a spin-off from the research group "Optimization" and "Process Systems Engineering" at a technical university. The "OR" in the name stands for Operations Research. Concentration on the field APS and SCM continually led to solutions far ahead of their time technologically. The guiding principles of ORSOFT are sustainability and stability, customer focus, appreciation and mutual support.
The goal of all ORSOFT's activities on the market is to create extra value for customers profitably.
Responsible action, loyalty and commitment to innovation contribute to fulfilling the goal of sustainable and stable action. Other qualities which customers associate with ORSOFT are: responsibility for joint success, optimism, enthusiasm, reliability and realism.
Since it was founded ORSOFT operates continuously profitable and has grown organically without external finances. ORSOFT employees achieve a turnover of more than EUR 8 million.


The aim of all activities of ORSOFT in the market is to add value for the customer. Since its founding ORSOFT has implemented more than 500 projects in the areas of production planning and supply chain management in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing industries, foundries, automotive, machine manufacturers, building material producers, the lubricant industry, solar cell producers, in the healthcare sector and for the German Federal Armed Forces. ORSOFT provides ASP solutions for SAP Industry Solutions AFS (textile industry), SAP IS Oil, SAP® for Healthcare (Cerner i.s.h.med®) and SAP IS Mill. including burden calculation.

Every customer has their own unique processes. However, planning themes and objectives are often similar — only the models are different. ORSOFT introduces SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA extensions for different models. Inter-industry synergies are achieved e.g. tank planning, the depiction of qualities and blending optimisation.

Long-term satisfaction and well-known international customers

ORSOFT products lighten the daily load of over 10,000 users in thirty-four countries worldwide. Various ORSOFT Solutions are the group standard for customers such as Danone (workflow-based master data maintenance with 9,000 users), the Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the German Federal Armed Forces (maintenance planning with over one hundred users), Schmolz and Bickenbach (online CTP and PTP test in the steel trade with 300 users). Additional notable customers are listed in the reference list.