Food Industry Scheduling

This pre-defined version is a special solution package of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench with focus on the requirements of this industry. Shelf life monitoring, multi-product tank management, campaign handling, and other functions are included in this package. The package can be implemented easily without big effort in a short time frame.

Target Industries

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is an interactive Advanced Planning System. It provides state-of-the art scheduling and optimization tools and works on the data from the leading SAP ERP system. The pre-configured solution package covers all the requirements of meat producers, beverage suppliers, dairy producers, candy manufacturers, etc.


Stock and Requirements List
Stock and Requirements List

This solution is an All-in-One solution package that covers all major requirements of the Food & Beverage industry regarding production scheduling, e.g.:

  • Simultaneous capacity and material planning
  • Multi-product tank management
  • Campaign handling (assignment of bulk orders to packaging orders)
  • Shelf life monitor
  • Planning of cleaning times, set-up times and CIP
  • Semi-automatic planning of order quantities based on customer demands and a dynamic range of coverage
  • Order sequencing
  • Multi-level ATP check

Process Orders with Expiry Date
Process Orders with Expiry Date


The solution uses a certified interface to SAP ERP and can be implemented and used productively within just a few weeks. That way, all master and transaction data from the leading SAP ERP system are immediately available. As a result, pre-defined standard functions are fully executable as soon as the solution is implemented in the customer's system. System preparation and installation process can be completed within just a few days. Additional customer specific settings will be conducted during test and training phases. The technological design of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench enables a very fast roll-out and go-live.

User Interface

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is an interactive planning and information processing system that provides users with a comprehensive overview of the recent scheduling situation and the measures to optimize it.
Having resource utilization, stock levels, planned and production orders etc. in sight, planning personnel can react to alarm signals regarding delivery times, material availability or capacity conflicts. Rescheduling options and simulating versions are additional benefits.