Functional aspects

Controlled process management

The process management concept provides continuous transparency.

  • Extensive supervisor role for process monitoring and controlling
  • Status information for each workflow
  • Visualization of delays and conflicts
  • Automatically sent notifications

Distinctive ease of use

Better data quality in a decreased time frame thru user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

  • Well-arranged task list
  • Workload preview
  • Integration of meta data
  • Plausibility checks e.g. based on user-specific value tables
  • Automatic value assignment (via logic)
  • Mass changes in tabular lists

Available and planned object packages

Ready to use objects for single data and mass data processing:

  • Business Partner
  • Material
  • Bill of material
  • Customer
  • Vendor

Objects to come:

  • Resource / Work center / Capacity
  • Routing
  • Recipe, production versions

Additionally, ORSOFT supports:

  • Process consulting for master data management
  • Import/processing of big data
  • Re-validation and correction of the existing SAP master data budget