Further system-/process support

Integration with other ERP-systems

In general, ORSOFT Master Data Workflow can be connected to other ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle ERP systems etc. However, the interface connection to these systems must be extended specifically.

The configuration, handling and design of ORSOFT MDW systems, as well as the user interfaces, remain unaffected by the selected system interface. All functions not specifically developed for or depending directly on SAP ERP, are available similarly for any ERP system environment.

Interfaces to non-SAP Environments

The product ORSOFT Master Data Workflow supports the batch-orientated import of master data from external systems via Database-, XML- and CSV-interfaces. All existing check routines and consistency checks can be applied to these import processes. The data transformation can be done during data importation from the external system.

ORSOFT MDW can use data information from other sources and files for automatic initiation of workflows as well. External data information is not only imported and processed, but it can also initiate an automatic creation of corresponding workflows for those data. This approach enables the collection of data in preformatted files without having direct access to the system before the data are imported into the target system. The communication can be implemented backwards to the sender\source system using the same method.

Process support for master data independent contents

ORSOFT MDW can be used not only for the maintenance of specific ERP master data objects, but it can also be utilized for the support of other non-object-related workflow processes as well. Process templates for such purposes are typically based on object-independent configuration elements. These configuration elements can be used for the modelling of simple structured flat objects as well as of complex, deep structured objects with sub-objects. Thus, mostly any kind of work and collaboration processes (e.g. authorization, production or planning processes) can be supported and workflow-controlled with this software solution.