Gaining an Overview

The following figure describes how a bar chart is generated after an SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA model consisting of planned and production orders is loaded. In the process, deadlines for production orders are set and planned orders are planned as simulated production orders to the latest end deadline.

SAP Bar Chart
SAP Bar Chart

The y-axis measures the number of parts per day. The red horizontal line shows that a capacity of 96 parts is available daily for the first five workdays under consideration. 110 parts can be produced as of the sixth workday.

The orders are represented by rectangles. Rectangle height is proportional to the number of pieces per order. The color codes within the rectangles symbolize assembly groups. Identical colors describe orders assembled without setups.

The green marking on the right edge of each rectangle shows that the order is being produced by the ideal deadline. If time boundary constraints are not met, then this marking will change to yellow or red. As you can clearly see, this solution is good with respect to meeting deadlines but infringes upon restrictions for capacity and leveling. It therefore represents the situation of requirements without referencing capacity.