Gartner Report „Supply Chain Executive Report: Pursuing an Autonomous Supply Chain with Hyperautomation“


To compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, many companies have been relying on the automation of supply chain planning for several years. The Covid-19 crisis showed that 100% automation is not sufficient enough to counter all market turbulences.

Gartner analyst Pierfrancesco Manenti describes in this report a sustainable approach where key technologies such as AI, ML and RPA, together with human flexibility and creativity, can lead to agile and cost-optimal E2E supply chains.

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Automation has always taken place when repetitive and less complex processes were taken as a basis. Accordingly, ORSOFT has been supporting its customers for more than 7 years in the digitization and automation of processes in Demand Planning or Inventory Optimization.

Explore how ORSOFT is already helping to automate demand planning today.

The logical next step in ORSOFT's current and future product lines concerns the automation of detailed scheduling. The first pilot projects with well-known customers are currently nearing completion.


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