Gartner Report "Understand the Need for Supply Chain Execution and Manufacturing Operations Management Convergence"


The closer integration of supply chain management and manufacturing execution systems is particularly necessary in industries with a high degree of automation.

In this report, Gartner analysts Rick Franzosa and Christian Titze describe the actual islands of SCM and MOM and identify typical points of friction.

Nevertheless, the authors expect high added value from a convergence of the two areas, with a particular focus on ERP integration of the solutions.

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The adoption of manufacturing operations management for scheduling, managing inventories and delivering products within plants works in parallel with supply chain execution. Manufacturing operations leaders can use this research to understand the need for collaboration between these systems.

Read here how ORSOFT and the Germanedge MES Group are already ensuring that SCM and MOM move closer together while already being fully integrated with S/4HANA.


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