ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) is used for various planning tasks in hospitals. The software is suitable for institutions that use SAP® for Healthcare or Cerner® as a hospital information system (HIS) or plan to implement it. The great advantage of the software is that some tasks can be solved very quickly with little effort in data acquisition and organization when the above systems are in use. This includes in particular that

  • After only two days of implementation, patient managers can see all conflicts existing in SAP for Healthcare and Cerner as alarms and resolve these conflicts with computer support,
  • Simulations to show the consequences of changes in building units, processes and resources can be carried out very quickly and thus ROI estimates for changes can be made easily.

Range of application

Coordination of induction training

With ORSOFT for Healthcare, multi-resource planning for outpatient and inpatient measures is carried out even before the patient is admitted to the clinic. With this you can

  • Give patients reliable information about the type and duration of their stay before they are admitted to the clinic;
  • avoid overburdening medical facilities,
  • achieve short throughput times and a reduction in waiting times.

Patient Management

Emergencies, delays and new measures as treatment progresses quickly render any plan obsolete. This is the patient manager's field of work. He or she is informed about conflicts, reschedules and always has the total length of stay in view.
Using the information available in SAP® for Healthcare and Cerner® (case, clinical orders, appointments, preregistrations, clinical pathways, etc.), alarm lists can be generated for each patient and medical facility, which a patient manager then processes in his or her daily work.

Appointment Scheduling

With ORSOFT for Healthcare it is possible to coordinate patient appointments of different consulting hours of an outpatient clinic or medical service center. The availability of doctors can also be taken into account.

Surgery Management

Operations can be planned and their status visualized. Changes are immediately written back to SAP® for Healthcare and Cerner®. Confirmations of surgery times are permanently updated and delays to the plan are made visible.

Resource Allocation Management

In addition to in-house bed allocation planning, ORSOFT for Healthcare offers the possibility of planning and controlling admissions across all facilities. For this purpose, data from the respective facilities are combined and visualized in a process-oriented manner.

Simulation Help and Decision Support

In order to prepare decisions about investments, personnel, working time or process changes in clinics and hospitals, one needs the possibility to simulate the effects of these changes on the processes in the respective institution. ORS-H is able to map the complex, networked processes and enables simulation.