High Rack Storage Area Optimization

Various industrial processes use high rack storage areas in order to de-couple production stages. Because conventional production planning systems often do not support optimization of the intermediate storage process when planning consecutive production stages, storage bins of high rack storage areas are allocated in practice to only one specific material per bin at one time. Particularly when handling flat and stackable intermediates such as various sheets, valuable storage space is wasted just because of restrictive organization or inflexible IT systems. In addition, placing items in a storage bin and removing items from a storage bin are relatively time-consuming processes; hence, there is potential for process optimization by advanced planning of storage management.

ORSOFT solutions support the assembly of pallets with various intermediate product items in such a way that a pallet always contains items that are processed together in the consecutive production stage and have similar dimensions so they can be stacked. Stacking sequences must consider various restrictions to avoid any loss of quality, for example due to bending of sheets because of different sizes. ORSOFT solutions can create proposals for pallet assembly, stacking and allocation to storage bins based on the scheduled flow of production orders in order to optimize storage usage and process time while considering those restrictions.