Implementation Concept

ORSOFT Solutions are implemented gradually without Big Bang. Using an SAP transport request a copy of the production logistics model from ERP is created and used to develop a pilot solution within a few weeks. This minimizes early typical project risks, for example the question of the performance with large data models or the model scope of the interface.

After confirming the pilot customizing adjustments are made. The incremental activation of functions based on real SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA data from the beginning creates, early potential benefits. Thus it leads to greater identification of future users with their solution and generated the first effects within a few weeks.

In many planning projects employees of ORSOFT GmbH have learned to recognize interest conflict situations and to moderate them successfully. The non-inclusion of competences and needs of future users, exaggerated automation expectations, unnecessary regulation of processes as well as the development of complex system environments are the most common reasons for project failures. This knowledge and the respect for the users experience may be one reason for the eminently satisfaction of ORSOFT customers.

  • Minimizing project risk by piloting based on customer data
  • Rapid and gradual introduction without big bang with high ROI from the beginning
  • Short project times
  • Standardized project implementation
  • If implemented as a rich client, then no additional Hardware is required
  • Strong solidarity among the future users due to high usability and benefits right from the beginning