Key Figures

Alongside planning functions, Inventory Management requires reliable key figures in order to accomplish effective controlling of stock levels and values.
ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench provides powerful reporting features, characterized by:

  • permanent availability
  • plenty of standard evaluations
  • geared to the future
  • parallel consideration of quantities and values
  • focus on workflow and action
  • custom reporting
  • consideration of dynamic parameters (e.g. exchange rates, discount structure)
  • supply-chain-optimized filter and focus options

It has been our experience that key figures have to be linked to the operative situation and that they should alert planning situations that need to be improved immediately.

To date, the majority of enterprises are utilizing so-called Service Level Agreements in terms of operative controlling. The compliance of all those specific rules can be integrated in the software just as well. Hence, planning personnel has permanent access.

In order to gain a clear picture of the current situation, special algorithms can be used to determine stock reducing potentials. By analyzing the stock and requirements situation, procurement and production objects will be identified that can be reduced or deleted.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench also provides the Missing Parts List, a helpful evaluation tool, especially for production processes with many materials. The system indicates missing materials and analyzes the impact on subsequent production or the sales order fulfillment. Excess stocks caused by stalling further processing, i.e. due to a missing component, are avoidable.

Supply Management: Report
Supply Management: Report