Especially in terms of make-to-stock production with an extensive quantity structure, it is necessary to react to changing request situations on a short notice while operating on long-term supply agreements. In order to achieve this, an excellent overview and highly productive scheduling algorithms are needed, as well as the capability to simulate and compare scheduling versions based on SAP ERP. Complex constraints, e.g. availability of tools, simultaneity conditions, frequency, shift work, personnel availability including qualifications etc., have to be taken into consideration.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench, as a functional enhancement to SAP ERP, also supports make-to-stock production in combination with make-to-order production and spare parts business. For each order, the solution simultaneously budgets capacity, material, personnel and tools. Consequences are determined and clearly displayed whenever the planning situation is modified due to that budgeting function.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is able to run rough planning and detailed scheduling simultaneously in one data model. In the midterm, demands of capacity and personnel are determined on a summarized level, e.g. at the levels of cost center or resource hierarchy. Based on rough planning, detailed scheduling procedures are assigned to specific work stations and resources. These tasks are executed by automated algorithms, which are highly performant and robust. Thus, efficient and fast planning is possible even for complex manufacturing areas.

Planning results are evaluated graphically via bar charts, capacity utilization reports and by the calculation of key performance indicators (KPI).