Master Planning

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA endorses solution packages for Demand and Master Planning that provide effective assistance in terms of Sales and Operations Planning (SOP). Due to instant visibility of the modifications impact on budget and margin, planning personnel is able to create particularly profitable planning according to the companies’ strategic objectives.

ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench uses the operative data model. Especially long-running supply chains retain their structure and are not falsified by a transformation into a fixed time series (weekly, monthly, quarterly). Not only hierarchical levels like rough cut planning and detailed scheduling can be linked seamlessly, but a holistic view for collocated business areas like Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Production Planning can also be managed. ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench also includes the function to set off detailed scheduling and rough-cut planning against each other.

Hence, planning results are available anytime in their most recent and accurate status. This allows planning executable at any time, because all relevant modifications are available in the detailed scheduling model within shortest latency. Due to the pace of newly created algorithms, business transactions can be processed interactively instead of executing batch runs. Completely new sequences, to date not existing in planning concepts of ERP or SCM, become possible. For instance: CTP (capable to promise) and PTP (profitable to promise) can be performed directly with the sales order entry and the resulting production order can be created right away.

While conventional systems usually induce slow response times because of cyclical planning rounds and long planning periods, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench provides answers in a very fast response time due to a single constantly maintained data model and the absence of transformations. Undependable planning results in terms of correctness and topicality are no longer an issue. ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench provides reliable and accurate results, especially in industry sectors with long-running logistical chains.

While conventional systems are often designed in adialogue-oriented and transactional manner, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench offers interactive, user-friendly and clearly arranged interfaces that endorse business processes, allow an assessment of the situation at any time and prove night runs obsolete.