Microsoft Partner – this year we celebrate double gold


The high competence of our ORSOFT colleagues, such as Dirk Anders, Matthias Ehrlich, Johannes Jahn, Lukas Kliemank, Hans-Christian Lapp, Florian Metzner, Sebastian Möbius, Ferdinand Ritter and many more, has led to the successful extension of the Microsoft Partnership - Gold Application Integration for ORSOFT.

And as if that wasn't great enough - this year we are also adding Gold Application Development!

We are very pleased that this marks the successful continuation of our Gold partnership with Microsoft, which has been in place without interruption since 2011.


✔ "Gold Application Integration" competency highlights ORSOFT's technical capabilities in advanced integration and configuration tasks and demonstrates our ability to integrate applications and data to improve efficiency and business outcomes.

✔ "Gold Application Development" competency demonstrates ORSOFT's technical capabilities to design, develop and monitor cloud and web-based applications in Azure or Microsoft 365 for customers.

Microsoft Partner – this year ORSOFT celebrates double gold