Analyses and demand forecasts are mainly based on historical values. But what do you do if these are not yet available for new planning objects such as a new material, product or customer? This basic issue is solved by the function LIKE-Modeling.

Like modeling makes it possible to simulate historical data for new planning objects. The simulation is based on existing data. This can be data from one or more other old or similar planning objects whose demand behavior is the same or similar, such as a predecessor product. These assignments are defined by Like Profiles. The demand forecast can then be created on the basis of this data.

Thanks to the virtual assignment between the historical data of the source planning objects and the new target planning objects, it is possible to view the forecast and reporting separately. When creating the forecast, the historical data of the source is taken into account for the target. However, only real historical data from the new master data is used in reporting. This gives the planner an up-to-date overview at all times.