Infographic: Artificial Intelligence Use-Case Prism for Supply Chain

Leipzig, July 2022

Current mature use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within the supply chain are visualized in the Gartner report "Infographic: Artificial Intelligence Use-Case Prism for Supply Chain".

Microsoft Partner – this year we celebrate double gold

Leipzig, June 2022

The high competence of our ORSOFT colleagues, such as Dirk Anders, Matthias Ehrlich, Johannes Jahn, Lukas Kliemank, Hans-Christian Lapp, Florian Metzner, Sebastian Möbius, Ferdinand Ritter and many more, has led to the successful extension of the Microsoft Partnership - Gold Application Integration for ORSOFT.

ORSOFT Whitepaper Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomization in Supply Chain Management

Leipzig, June 2022

AI and machine learning (ML) play an increasingly important role in shaping the supply chain future. Just to mention some of them: They are used in demand planning processes, forecasting, inventory management and in the area of automated scheduling. But that's far from everything. We would like to provide deeper insights and taking you through our development labs.

Gartner Report "The Advancement of Supply Chain Control Towers"

Leipzig, May 2022

As a supply chain manager, you have to make smart decisions at all times. In doing so, current global circumstances, such as the

  • continuing shortage of raw materials
  • war in Ukraine
  • ongoing Covid pandemic

must be taken into account.


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Factsheet ORSOFT Digital Factory Scheduling

Leipzig, April 2022

Digital Planning Board for Detailed Scheduling as Cloud- or On-Premise-Application


EcoVadis | Silver medal for sustainability performance for ORSOFT

Leipzig, March 2022

In recognition of our sustainability performance, ORSOFT has been awarded the silver medal issued by EcoVadis. It provides us a sense of pride that we are ranked among the top 25% of the more than 90,000 certified companies which has been rated until now.

Gartner Report "SCM Application Architecture Scenarios, 2025: 3 Ways to Win"

Leipzig, March 2022

These three approaches to future-proofing SCM infrastructures in the medium term are described by leading SCM analysts from Gartner Inc. in the Gartner Report "SCM Application Architecture Scenarios, 2025: 3 Ways to Win":

  • Integrated platform approach
  • Modular systems
  • Intelligent Data Tools


Whitepaper | Chemical Industry

Leipzig, February 2022

SCM 4.0 | Avoid worst case „not able to supply“


ORSOFT is part of the Global Compact Network Germany

Leipzig, January 2022

ORSOFT has joined the United Nations Global Compact. As part of the Global Compact Network Germany, we gladly commit ourselves to consider these issues at all times and to continuously expand their application:

Gartner Report "Predicts 2022: Supply Chain Strategy"

Leipzig, January 2022

We start the new year with you with the Gartner report "Predicts 2022: Supply Chain Strategy"! It highlights strategic trends that every SCM decision maker should have an answer to.

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