Optimization of Hospitals

ORSOFT for Healthcare is a software that allows you to

  • carry out simultaneous surgery, bed planning, and medical facility planning
  • automatically generate key data of clinical pathways (treatment patterns) from past cases
  • perform simulations of hospital capacity in relation to patient composition, hospital layout, design of shift regimes, etc.

The term hospital optimization is to be seen in this context. The optimization is done in terms of multi-resource planning. It does not consider the utilization of individual service points, but rather the patient path.

ORSOFT for Healthcare: Treatment Patterns
ORSOFT for Healthcare: Treatment Patterns

The software serves the patient manager in daily operation.

The patient manager becomes the central figure: he optimizes clinic operations by organizing the interaction of service providers for the individual patient. Efficiency and quality increase, costs decrease, hectic rush is avoided and waiting times for patients are reduced.


ORSOFT for Healthcare is a supplement to SAP for Healthcare and Cerner i.s.h.med to bring supply (resources, material, people, ...) and demand (OR, beds, CT scan, ...) simultaneously in line with each other or to indicate conflicts directly at their source. Simple interfaces facilitate the operation of the SAP system.

ORSOFT for Healthcare
ORSOFT for Healthcare