ORSOFT LabScheduling App

Short presentation of ORSOFT LabScheduling App

In addition to the on-premise versions of LabScheduling, ORSOFT also offers a "side-by-side extension" to a S/4HANA cloud system for the SAP cloud platform. This can be used without on-site installation.

ORSOFT is very proud of the certification of the LabScheduling App and that it is offered in the SAP App Center:

For the app, all required master and transaction data is loaded directly from the SAP S/4HANA cloud system via the SAP cloud platform. As with the on-premise solution, in the LabScheduling app the inspection lots of SAP QM are supplemented with simulated inspection lots, which are generated by ORSOFT LabScheduling and serve the planning consideration of future capacity requirements.

In a compact overview, the laboratories and the associated resources, as well as the number of estimated inspection lots for a period, are displayed. The inspection lots can also be viewed and edited in a detailed view. The laboratory planner thus gains a quick overview of the planning situation and can act with foresight. This results in the following advantages:

1. Capacity analysis

Short-, medium- and long-term capacity forecast based on the estimate number of inspection lots in order to identify and eliminate capacity bottlenecks at an early stage.

2. Capacity utilization control

Overloads can be efficiently reduced by rescheduling single or multiple inspection lots simultaneously in a straightforward manner.

3. Live integration with S/4HANA cloud system

Fast response to changing conditions through real-time processing of data in the S/4HANA cloud system and LabScheduling app.

ORSOFT LabScheduling | Workload laboratory
ORSOFT LabScheduling | Workload laboratory


ORSOFT LabScheduling | Inspection lots
ORSOFT LabScheduling | Inspection lots