ORSOFT LabScheduling with SAP

As a long-standing partner of SAP, ORSOFT has a certified interface to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. ORSOFT LabScheduling can thus be easily connected to SAP systems.

The interface reads all required master and transaction data directly from the SAP ERP modules PP, PP-PI and QM without additional adaptation effort. Lab scheduling is thus seamlessly based on production and procurement scheduling.

Offer for the implementation of ORSOFT LabScheduling

ORSOFT connects, free from external costs, a solution "Overview and simulation of components of laboratory planning" to a SAP Q-System and licenses it for testing purposes for 3 months free of charge on a customer computer. If the customer is in favor of the solution, this workstation will be connected to a SAP productive system (without implementation costs) and can be used for rent until a more sophisticated solution is implemented.

Main objectives

  • Create immediate overview and simulation possibilities for the laboratory manager.
  • Achieve results that are better than previous methods with minimal effort - without master data maintenance.
  • Quickly providing a beneficial interim solution before introducing a sophisticated solution.

Special feature of the solution

SAP inspection origins 01, 03, 04, 89 and 16 are supported as standard. Further inspection types can be added separately as a customer-specific extension. In addition to the SAP inspection lots, the ORSOFT-specific simulated lots for inspection lot origins 01 and 04 are also generated automatically. While in SAP, inspection lots are typically generated only a few days before inspection execution by posting a goods receipt or releasing a process order, LabScheduling provides predictive planning based on purchase requisitions, purchase orders, planned and process orders and the associated planned inspection lots thanks to the simulated inspection lots. Objects can be processed directly in ORSOFT LabScheduling or by jumping to SAP ERP. In the same way, objects can also be changed only in simulation in the tool and committed to SAP ERP only when the planning result is satisfactory (remark: writing back to SAP is disabled in the quotation version). Due to the permanent synchronization between SAP ERP and ORSOFT LabScheduling, the effects are displayed in real time.

Real-time information through permanent synchronization between SAP ERP and ORSOFT LabScheduling
Real-time information through permanent synchronization between SAP ERP and ORSOFT LabScheduling

Get an overview

The imported master and transaction data are graphically processed in LabScheduling in browsers and planning folders. Predefined alarms help to identify possible capacity conflicts and serve to prevent risks. Planning folders provide an overview of workstation utilization and workload at any time. ORSOFT draws on its many years of best practice experience in the field of laboratory planning.

ORSOFT LabScheduling | Planning folder equipment workload
ORSOFT LabScheduling | Planning folder equipment workload

The workload planning folder shows the number of inspection lots executed on a resource or by an employee in the corresponding time range for a selected time period. The planning folder workload shows the capacitive utilization for employees and resources in a time period. With the ORSOFT LabScheduling offer version, the planner thus receives a quick and reliable overview of the current planning situation. With the introduction of a fully functional LabScheduling version, ORSOFT's own functions and tools (Best Practice LabScheduling) can be used and additional customer-specific adaptations can be implemented.