ORSOFT Shelf Life

Today’s business world is one that continues to grow through the phenomena of globalization and competition. Under these circumstances, one of the main factors for economic success lies in the knowledge of logistics. There are many industries, such as Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages, that have to cope with the daily challenges of logistics, but more importantly these industries also have to pay close attention to the shelf life of their products. It is because of these very same challenges that the planning and managing of materials and products can nowadays become too complex without the appropriate help of software tools.

A wide range of perishable good products can result in a complex logistical network with many responsibilities for the planners and controllers. Any error in planning can result in a dramatic loss for the businesses within the industry. Additionally, there are laws, such as the ones regarding the retracement of comestibles, which require a high degree of transparency of the materials and information flow regarding the products. The SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA Add-on specializes in supporting you and your work with perishable goods by making the flow of information and materials more transparent. Once the correct information is available, you can use our software solution tool to avoid conflicts and/or any dramatic losses.