ORSOFT Shelf Life – Features

ORSOFT Shelf Life takes into account every object’s expiration date from the stock and requirement list, and it simulates the expiration of batches when necessary so that they are no longer available. This way all the batches – both the real stocks as well as the dispositive planned orders (purchasing, production) are examined to make sure that there are enough demands and requirements in order to consume these batches on time. Furthermore, the user receives a more accurate ATP statement as long as the critical expired amounts are not considered.

ORSOFT Shelf Life provides an overview of all materials that have an existing or impending conflict regarding their shelf life. This conflict indicator can also be extended to include the maturity of the products if so desired. In order to be able to classify the specific expired amount, detailed information for each of the endangered batches as well as for the planned orders are displayed, so that a timely response by the planners or controllers could resolve the problem.

ORSOFT Shelf Life will be an indispensable tool for every planner and controller who comes across the ever-growing challenges regarding the shelf life of perishable goods. However, the described package is only a very basic solution. The SLC is part of ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench – a software toolset with a wide range of supported features and processes for different branches and industries. Therefore, if there is any additional requirement not covered by this basic package, it is possible to add many other functionalities with a relatively small effort. The ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench is an essential tool that has been used for many years in the areas of Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Supply Chain Management.