Patient Management

A well-functioning care management system, in which all the gears mesh, is becoming increasingly important as a quality criterion in hospitals. Based on this insight, there are more and more institutions that have created positions for patient managers.

The task of patient management is to plan and control inpatient admissions, surgery appointments and appointments in special consultation hours.

ORSOFT for Healthcare provides the patient manager with a comprehensive tool to

  • create and schedule patient pathways per treatment pattern,
  • supplement and schedule patient pathways per treatment pattern,
  • move, lengthen or shorten individual steps,
  • order individual services for the patient and, if necessary, to schedule them,
  • get an overview of his patients' pathways with regard to the chronological order of appointments and inpatient stays as well as with regard to compliance with the maximum length of stay for the assigned DRG,
  • maintain further information on the case or clinical order.

For the creation and addition, he /she can draw on the entire parameter portfolio for scheduling:

  • Use of arrangements between steps according to treatment patterns,
  • different scheduling options such as Searching in, Searching in Bottleneck, Pressing in,
  • jump to calendar to find a suitable date,
  • move individual appointments in the view or in the calendar via drag and drop.

All changes can initially be simulated locally. At the push of a button the data transfer is initiated, i.e. the corresponding data is created or changed in the leading SAP system. From this moment on, all other involved parties also gain knowledge of the changes.