Process support for collaborative and cross-module work with SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA

Facilitate, control and evaluate processes in SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA

The implementation of workflows in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA requires users to populate different templates in a specific order and maintain data in different modules. The SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM) and especially the SAP Workflow Builder already provide powerful SAP "on-board tools" for this purpose.
These SAP tools, however, only form an integration layer "above" the standard business functions and only use the existing transactions, function modules and reports. However, if it is required to capture data in a common template, typically entered in different SAP transactions, ORSOFT Workflow is a good choice. With the ORSOFT Workflow, any number of meaningful combinations of data from different modules can be defined. Thus, certain data can simply be displayed in the moment of capturing additional data in order to take right decisions.
In addition, it is possible to define simulated objects, to store their data outside the original SAP objects, but in a comparable structure within the SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA system on the database in their own namespace. This procedure prevents data garbage, especially for processes that are terminated at a high percentage rate. Only when all data have eventually been entered and checked, SAP transactions are automatically populated* in the background while the authorization concept is maintained.

Use and Benefits

ORSOFT Workflows enables the modelling of various processes and mapping of dependencies and forced guidance. Cooperative processes across department borders and SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA modules can be managed and monitored in particular with regard to meeting delivery dates. Buffer times are minimized by e-mail notifications to employees who can and should take over further processing. A configurator at the customer's site defines the processes and the dialogs can be filled conveniently by the user. The workflow manager, on the other hand, sees the progress of work and receives transparent evaluations regarding delays and their consequences.
ORSOFT workflows reduce the maintenance effort through user-friendly interfaces and avoidance of complex SAP transactions and ensure high data quality through a variety of quality assurance mechanisms. The solution can be quickly implemented by importing a transport request and installing a Windows-based software. Changes to SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA itself are not necessary.


ORSOFT Workflow enables users to model and edit a wide variety of work processes – ranging from building connections in the energy and water industry to the release and approval processes for plant manufacturers. The following figure visualizes an exemplary process. In this workflow, information is collected, monitored and locally saved across the phases. Only in the release step the data is transferred to the various SAP objects from different modules*.

Draft of a Master Data Independent Workflow
Scheme of a workflow

The second example shows an iteration process modeled in ORSOFT workflows. The development process of a product passes sequentially through the phases of initialization, drawing, construction and testing before finally going into production. In all phases, data is entered or documents are saved as attachments. Only when all data has been entered by the various departments and is complete the subsequent processes are released*.

Simplified Release Process within the Production Modelled with ORSOFT MDW
Abstract release process in production without master data synchronization

* Integration in SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA available for objects from the area of production logistics. For other areas they can be developed in the course of a project.