Processes | Filling

In pharmaceutical production, an active ingredient, especially in liquid dosage forms, is divided into different volumes and bottling forms, which in turn are divided into different packaging sizes (and these into regional specifications).

In order to carry out production effectively, bottling and packaging forms are combined in planning into campaigns that are served by one approach. The aim is to reduce set-up costs or to meet regulatory requirements. These campaigns are often saved as collective orders in SAP PP-PI and are linked by external dependencies.

The combination of several process orders into campaigns is very complex and requires a great deal of expertise and experience. Various aspects have to be taken into account:

  • minimum and maximum batch sizes for the production of the injection solutions,
  • different minimum and maximum down times before bottling,
  • set-up sequences,
  • restrictions on sterilization,
  • to check approved containers or lines,
  • interdependencies of the lines,
  • and dealing with batch residues, etc.

In addition, there are also special forms of production, such as continuous bottling, parallel preparations or two-stage packaging.

The ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench has additional modules with which this complex network of restrictions can be mapped and thus an automated campaign formation can be carried out. This reduces the risk of errors when creating campaigns, reduces the effort required for planning, formalizes knowledge and, as a result, allows a wider circle of employees to carry out the demanding planning work.