Resource Allocation Management

When selecting a suitable bed for a patient - if one has a choice at all - various criteria must be considered, e.g: Does the patient have to be on a specific ward or can he be accommodated on an interdisciplinary ward? Does the bed or room need special features? Which patients can share a room? And above all, there is the desire to be able to make as reliable statements as possible to the patients to be admitted, to have to move patients as little as possible (at least for organizational reasons) and to keep an eye on all the patient's other appointments.

In addition to an overview of the current bed occupancy, the Resource allocation management module offers various planning and search algorithms to find a suitable room quickly and easily. Private patient or panel patient, single or multi-bed room, accommodation on interdisciplinary wards? All these parameters can be taken into account in the bed search.

ORSOFT for Healthcare works exclusively with master data as maintained in SAP® for Healthcare. Thus, double maintenance of wards, rooms and beds is not necessary. The actual bed allocation based on cases is taken into account as well as preregistrations for inpatient admission. Each bed occupancy can first be simulated locally and then written back to SAP, if necessary as a mass action.