Role "Emergency Room“

With the workstation "Emergency Room" it is possible,

  • to find a free or soon to be free bed (!) for a recently examined emergency patient. A list of free and soon-to-be-released beds is generated from SAP ERP data, which also includes information about the number of admissions and departures on the respective ward in order to obtain indications for a fair allocation;
  • to assign an emergency patient who has just been examined
    • to a free bed by drag and drop,
    • to change the case type from outpatient to stationary;
  • to give examining physicians an overview of the availability of free beds on wards;
  • to admit a patient from a treatment in the emergency room as an inpatient.

The idea for the solution arose in discussions with medical practitioners from various hospitals. During the discussions it became clear that maximum transparency is just as important as minimum operating effort.
All data is stored in SAP IS-H.

Benefit potentials are:

  • Reduced work and reduced information acquisition effort for medical personnel.
  • Inclusion of beds that become free in the decision and thus better utilization, since even beds that only become free in the afternoon can still be newly occupied.
  • Increase of fairness in the allocation of beds.

The browser "Outpatient Visits" shows the patients treated in the emergency outpatient clinic on the current day. Special attention has been paid to the display of properties that are relevant for the bed search.

Browser "Outpatient Visits"
Browser "Outpatient Visits"


The browser "Free beds on all wards" shows the beds that are free or will become free on the current day with their characteristics.

Browser "Free beds on all wards"
Browser "Free beds on all wards"

The admission process can be completed in just a few steps: The user assigns a bed to the emergency patient by drag & drop. As a result, the patient is admitted as an inpatient, i.e. an admission to the bed is created and a discharge is flagged.