SCM and Production Efficiency for the industrial manufacturing industry

Nowadays, when it comes to planning solutions and manufacturing execution solutions, many companies work in a bubble. In many instances, various sellers are used, and their tools do not allow for much interaction with relation to these two separate bubbles. Doing so, is not the most effective nor most efficient way of finding and implementing solutions for these situations.

In the essence of the Digital Ecosystem, ORSOFT, working side-by-side with GEFASOFT, brings Supply Chain Management and MES products together to offer unique added-values for our clients in the industrial manufacturing industry.

Some of the available points of contact are:

  • Resilient Planning: use real-time feedback data to incorporate delays directly into planning and prevent new conflicts even earlier. This is particularly important at times of day when no planner is available.
  • Transfer of planned orders to the store floor and thus avoid system breaks by consistently using the same order data. Production employees always see what the next production steps are and thus work together on a globally optimal production plan instead of deciding only locally.
  • Track and trace the batches produced so that you minimize the costs of recall campaigns. At the same time, you can easily reschedule returns within SCM.

Are you interested in reliable solutions for SCM + Production Efficiency for the industrial manufacturing industry?

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proven solutions for SCM and Production Efficiency for the industrial manufacturing industry