Service Planning

Service planning in hospitals is characterized by the interplay of inquiry by a requester and planning/response by the service center (radiology, endoscopy, ...). If an SAP for Healthcare/ Cerner system is used, the requester sends a request (preregistration) for an "appointment" to the service provider - often only for a specific day. The provider schedules and turns the preregistration into an appointment. The disadvantage of this is:

  • The service requester remains in the dark for a long time about when the service will take place.
  • He cannot schedule several services on the same day due to the possibility of overlapping appointments.

To better solve this task, the software and consulting company ORSOFT GmbH offers the product ORSOFT for Healthcare (ORS-H) as a complement to SAP for Healthcare and Cerner

Multi-resource planning is carried out with the help of this product. For this purpose, preregistrations and appointments are placed next to each other in the calendars of the individual service providers on an equal footing. Requesters may enter their preregistrations in free calendar slots. They see the competition situation with other reservations and appointments and can enter a realistic request.

Furthermore, they can jump from the preregistration into a service description transaction of SAP IS-H/ Cerner Service providers may convert these preregistrations into appointments or move them. In doing so, the service provider can use a patient pathway to see the extent to which this would violate other appointments. Quotas set in SAP for Healthcare/ Cerner are visualized accordingly.

Calendar view
Calendar view


The IT technical advantages of ORS-H are that

  • SAP for Healthcare is used as the server,
  • only data from SAP for Healthcare and Cerner are used.

This makes it possible to use the product immediately after importing a transport request into SAP for Healthcare and installing the solution on the user's workstation. No additional infrastructure is required, the existing SAP authorization concept can be used and existing processes are not disrupted.

The use of ORS-H as an add-on for other hospital information systems is possible, but requires a separate plug-in and a higher implementation effort.