While assigning orders to daily buckets suffices in the area of rough planning, fine planning focuses on the sequencing of orders within a day in order to acceptably solve the planning assignment with respect to capacity, deadlines and assembly group allocation. Smoothing effects a balanced production relationship throughout the day and hence enables the introduction of consumption control.

In the following illustration, the result of an automatic smoothing for two days is recognizable (13. and 14. 09), while the following days’ orders have not yet experienced smoothing and would be produced in a random order.

Automatic Leveling
Automatic Leveling

In this example, the day is partitioned into two blocks, within which a predefined production sequence is followed. This sequence and other specifications, such as additional sequencing rules, are controlled as parameters in smoothing and considered in the optimization. For visual checks, the orders are furnished with a light or dark background according to the resulting block assignment.

The user also has the opportunity to manually rearrange orders in the leveling area. In addition to delaying orders until a specific day, the sequence of orders within a day or a block can be changed in smoothing through “Drag & Drop”.