Software Concept

ORSOFT solutions are marked as release safe standard software with a user shell for individual solutions. The advantage over a standard product is the ability to meet even exceptional user-specific feature requests quickly and accurately. Advantages over individual development are lower expenses, the release safety, the higher integration and the benefits of in-memory data processing for very high-performance results in real time. ORSOFT uses the leading ERP system or SAP HANA as a main integration platform and integrates own solutions for additional functionality or extraction of an overview.

Software concept
Software concept

Existing SAP ERP or SAP HANA processes are completed and cooperate with existing processes. Modern user interfaces with the visualization elements tables, Gantt charts, dashboards, trees, graphs, charts and many more support the overview extraction.

The solutions of ORSOFT support simulation based on SAP object copies and new simulated objects. The in-memory database provides real-time process optimization. ORSOFT has proven in many cases that complex production situations within the SAP ERP business data model can be modeled and even cross-plant data models can be mapped.

ORSOFT provides decision support for many businesses processes and provides both interactive functionalities for manual planning as well as fully automatic solver based optimization solutions.

  • Low costs through powerful standard functionalities
  • High performance responses by local RAM database
  • Easy adaptation to user requirements through configuration
  • Planning to strategic goals by efficient algorithms
  • Optimal decisions out of simulation capability
  • Optional interactive planning or short planning processes